You Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours…

I “Dug” this article because working in the Telecom industry, I am poked and prodded about this argument on a daily basis. I work for WIND Mobile, a relatively new entrant in the Canadian market. I’m going to avoid all the technical jargon and just state “No, the Iphone is not compatible with WIND!” images (1)

imagesThe battle of intellectual property and business integrity has been fierce, cut-throat and on-going in the Telecommunications industry. In the past year Samsung has penetrated the market with its wildly popular “Galaxy” series, running on the Android platform. The Billion dollar settlement paid to Apple by Samsung doesn’t seem to damper the organizations aggressive marketing campaigns and world-wide sales. Samsung is no longer a harmless adversary to Apple and it’s meticulously protected baby, the Iphone. The irony of this head-to-head battle between the two mega corporations is that the Iphone some of you are holding in your hands at this very moment, are constructed of hardware developed from other corporations, majority of that hardware was produced by Samsung 🙂 This Digg article is tilted ‘Apple and Samsung: Frenemies for Life’, and that is certainly the truth. Apple relies on Samsung for much of their hardware. However, when Samsung wanted to embark more aggressively on the market, Apples litigation team jumped to attention on the grounds of copyright infringement. This led to Samsung having to develop their devices to be as dissimilar from the Iphone as possible. Hence, many critics of dubbed products like the Galaxy S3 ” A device developed completely by lawyers”.

With minor enhancements from one iPhone series to the next, this had led me to the opinion that Apple is not as much as a smartphone manufacturer, as it is a law firm, specializing in copyright laws.

None-the-less, Apple will always have its place in the marketplace. iTunes is still wildly popular and as innovative today as it was when it launched and few have succeeded to even come close.

What are your thoughts on this battle of the telecom beasts & do you think it will ever end?


One thought on “You Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours…

  1. I hope they all do well and continue to exist as healthy competition only breeds innovation and is good for everyone in the long run. I have to say though that I would have rather Apple sought to protect their real innovation (user interface, gestures, etc) rather than the shape of their phone. Can you imagine some ice-cream producer in the beginning say that no one else can make an ice-cream product in a cone shape, and won the case! Ridiculous won’t you say?

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