Samsung Canada, Does it meet the Tweet?


Samsung Mobile has bombarded the Canadian market with its line of Galaxy android phones. Mass promotion has definitely aided in their success and I feel their social media presence has assisted substantially as well. The organization is constantly responding to user q&a, requests and concerns on a timely basis.

Here are a few of the most recent tweets found on the Samsung Mobile Canada account:


  1. @CutlerDesign Sigh. That’s *your* new setup, not you’re. We’re just so happy you’re happy that we can’t even spell anymore. 😉

  2. @CutlerDesign Looking good! Glad to hear you’re loving you’re new setup!

  3. My #SamsungNotebook is all set up and I love it @SamsungMobileCA it’s so thin and light

     Retweeted by Samsung Mobile CAN

  4. Add a new dimension to celebration photos by adding audio memories with Sound & Shot on the #GALAXYS4. 

  5. The season’s almost over! Hit @CyprusMtn for @BMFCan this wknd and drop by our tent while you’re there to try the latest GALAXY products.

  6. @cndngoose Hi Mark, we’ll be posting details as soon as we have them. Thanks for your patience!

  7. @CutlerDesign Nice, Natalie! Do we get a peek at the final setup? Must be pretty sweet!

  8. @Dark_Taijo Hi Khalif, we sure will tweet about it just as soon as we have any info to share! Have a great day!

  9. @imesotk That sounds atypical. We suggest you call 1-800-SAMSUNG to look into that. Hopefully they have some suggestions for you!

  10. @Mariko_1986 That’s so great to hear, Mariko! You’ve just made our day that much brighter! 🙂

    These tweets just goes to show the high engagement Samsung Mobile has with its audience. I also respect and appreciate how well their promotional tweets correlate with current launches and promotions, without being too heavy on pumping out sales driving tweets. As a mobile warranty centre employee, I also appreciate how well they take responsibility of issues a customer may be having with their device.

    Do you often try to reach an organization via social media about questions or concerns? Are the messages responded to your satisfaction?


Google Play Celebrates Its First Anniversary!


infographics_130306_019_jm (1)

Infographic showcasing the milestone for Google Play Store

Vancouver, B.C- Over the last year the Google Play Store has seen immense growth in both the number of services offered and the volume of content each of those services provide. Services provided to date include:

  • APP Store with 700,000+ Apps available to date.
  • An online music store, known as Google Music
  • T.V Shows & Movies available for both rental and purchase
  • The newly implemented Google Reader Bookstore

Services are available conveniently, as customers are able to purchase via gift cards and also online through their mobile device and home computer.

In light of this exciting milestone for Google will be offering Applications/books/Musics/TV/Movies at discount rates, some will even be available for free!


In your opinion, what is your favorite feature in the Google PlayStore & What are the biggest improvements you’ve seen since Android Marketplace was discontinued?