Why Blogging is so Important in Telecom

With such a competitive market, many of which are running under conglomerate corporation. It is important for those organizations to have a venue where the “I” perspective is used. Blogging is the perfect outlet for this. It allows for a more transparent view into the company and it able to uncover a true personality, in regard to both how its portrayed on social media and as a whole.


The three tips I give to all bloggers involved in Telecommunications are the following:

1. Engage- Giant telecom companies are often seen as unstoppable forces with no real personality or respectable traits. By encouraging your readers to become engaged, organizations are able to break through this stigma and become more personable and “real” in the eyes of their customers and readers.

2. Be Transparent- People respect candid people, this goes the same for large corporations. Share your own views, thoughts, and feeling, people will most likely respond favorably.

3. Be Aware- Be aware of what is going on with your company and your industry. If you are consistently taking inventory of the current perception people have about you, you are able to respond to it accordingly. Being aware of what your company is doing and saying will keep a more consistent message throughout all your social media platforms.

Do you find big business cell phone manufactures are doing a good job in implementing these 3 recommendations?


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