Why Blogging is so Important in Telecom

With such a competitive market, many of which are running under conglomerate corporation. It is important for those organizations to have a venue where the “I” perspective is used. Blogging is the perfect outlet for this. It allows for a more transparent view into the company and it able to uncover a true personality, in regard to both how its portrayed on social media and as a whole.


The three tips I give to all bloggers involved in Telecommunications are the following:

1. Engage- Giant telecom companies are often seen as unstoppable forces with no real personality or respectable traits. By encouraging your readers to become engaged, organizations are able to break through this stigma and become more personable and “real” in the eyes of their customers and readers.

2. Be Transparent- People respect candid people, this goes the same for large corporations. Share your own views, thoughts, and feeling, people will most likely respond favorably.

3. Be Aware- Be aware of what is going on with your company and your industry. If you are consistently taking inventory of the current perception people have about you, you are able to respond to it accordingly. Being aware of what your company is doing and saying will keep a more consistent message throughout all your social media platforms.

Do you find big business cell phone manufactures are doing a good job in implementing these 3 recommendations?


Samsung Canada, Does it meet the Tweet?


Samsung Mobile has bombarded the Canadian market with its line of Galaxy android phones. Mass promotion has definitely aided in their success and I feel their social media presence has assisted substantially as well. The organization is constantly responding to user q&a, requests and concerns on a timely basis.

Here are a few of the most recent tweets found on the Samsung Mobile Canada account:


  1. @CutlerDesign Sigh. That’s *your* new setup, not you’re. We’re just so happy you’re happy that we can’t even spell anymore. 😉

  2. @CutlerDesign Looking good! Glad to hear you’re loving you’re new setup!

  3. My #SamsungNotebook is all set up and I love it @SamsungMobileCA it’s so thin and light pic.twitter.com/gFvGpKTTNW

     Retweeted by Samsung Mobile CAN

  4. Add a new dimension to celebration photos by adding audio memories with Sound & Shot on the #GALAXYS4. http://spr.ly/6013nSWH 

  5. The season’s almost over! Hit @CyprusMtn for @BMFCan this wknd and drop by our tent while you’re there to try the latest GALAXY products.

  6. @cndngoose Hi Mark, we’ll be posting details as soon as we have them. Thanks for your patience!

  7. @CutlerDesign Nice, Natalie! Do we get a peek at the final setup? Must be pretty sweet!

  8. @Dark_Taijo Hi Khalif, we sure will tweet about it just as soon as we have any info to share! Have a great day!

  9. @imesotk That sounds atypical. We suggest you call 1-800-SAMSUNG to look into that. Hopefully they have some suggestions for you!

  10. @Mariko_1986 That’s so great to hear, Mariko! You’ve just made our day that much brighter! 🙂

    These tweets just goes to show the high engagement Samsung Mobile has with its audience. I also respect and appreciate how well their promotional tweets correlate with current launches and promotions, without being too heavy on pumping out sales driving tweets. As a mobile warranty centre employee, I also appreciate how well they take responsibility of issues a customer may be having with their device.

    Do you often try to reach an organization via social media about questions or concerns? Are the messages responded to your satisfaction?

Google Play Celebrates Its First Anniversary!


infographics_130306_019_jm (1)

Infographic showcasing the milestone for Google Play Store

Vancouver, B.C- Over the last year the Google Play Store has seen immense growth in both the number of services offered and the volume of content each of those services provide. Services provided to date include:

  • APP Store with 700,000+ Apps available to date.
  • An online music store, known as Google Music
  • T.V Shows & Movies available for both rental and purchase
  • The newly implemented Google Reader Bookstore

Services are available conveniently, as customers are able to purchase via gift cards and also online through their mobile device and home computer.

In light of this exciting milestone for Google will be offering Applications/books/Musics/TV/Movies at discount rates, some will even be available for free!


In your opinion, what is your favorite feature in the Google PlayStore & What are the biggest improvements you’ve seen since Android Marketplace was discontinued?

Top Ten Android Apps

blue-facebook-androidFacebook – This would be an obvious for this list, as it is one of the most widely used application on all the various smartphones. With constant updates of the application the user-friendliness has come along way from when it was first introduced.


Instagram– This is one of my favourite social media apps available on the market right now. With the amount of users growing every day, the app has become more dynamic.

Youtube– This app has come along way as well. With Telecom companies starting to offer more affordable data plans, users are able to stream more and stream more often while on the go.

Tweet-Castor– There are dozens of Twitter clients out there, but this one hands down I feel is most efficient. The interface is user friendly and you are about to post simultaneously to your Twitter, FaceBook, Foursquare, Tumblr and Flickr. The Pro version offers even more user features.

Flipboard – Flipboard is a pretty dynamic app. You are able to integrate virtually all of your Social Media platforms into one place. After your finished added all your different accounts you are able to ‘flip’ through as if flipping through a magazines. The laying it creates is pretty amazing as it formats your feeds as a magazine layout, including a cover with all your ‘hot’ posts.

Songza – Songza is one of the best music streaming apps I’ve seen out there. Rather than organizing their music into genres |-O , they organize them into more useful and dynamic categories like “Workout Mix”, “Entertaining Cool Friends” and…..”Thinking about your ex”??

beautifulwidgets1Beautiful Widgets – This is an app only available to Android users. It allows you to create and customize screen widgets like your clock, weather and battery life. It adds a bit of life and personality to your device.

Zedge – Zedge is an awesome application for high definition screen savers and ringtones. Its an open sourced app so users can upload their own pictures and artwork. Unfortunately, it contains a lot of adverts but hey, beggars can’t be choosers.

Double-Twist Player – The stock music player apps on most Android phones are pretty static and boring. Double-Twist has many cool features, one of my favourites is the “CoverArt Fetch”……I may or may not download a torrent album from time to time :|, so this feature is very useful.

dropbox_logoDropbox– Dropbox is a very useful application that gives you up to 3 Gigs of online cloud storage (More storage can be purchased). With this app you can set it to automatically upload with each photo or video you take on your Smartphone, so no memory is ever lost when your phone goes for a swim, goes missing from one of the blurry bar nights or smashes into a billion pieces.

What is your favourite app out there at the moment and why?

You Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours…

I “Dug” this article because working in the Telecom industry, I am poked and prodded about this argument on a daily basis. I work for WIND Mobile, a relatively new entrant in the Canadian market. I’m going to avoid all the technical jargon and just state “No, the Iphone is not compatible with WIND!” images (1)

imagesThe battle of intellectual property and business integrity has been fierce, cut-throat and on-going in the Telecommunications industry. In the past year Samsung has penetrated the market with its wildly popular “Galaxy” series, running on the Android platform. The Billion dollar settlement paid to Apple by Samsung doesn’t seem to damper the organizations aggressive marketing campaigns and world-wide sales. Samsung is no longer a harmless adversary to Apple and it’s meticulously protected baby, the Iphone. The irony of this head-to-head battle between the two mega corporations is that the Iphone some of you are holding in your hands at this very moment, are constructed of hardware developed from other corporations, majority of that hardware was produced by Samsung 🙂 This Digg article is tilted ‘Apple and Samsung: Frenemies for Life’, and that is certainly the truth. Apple relies on Samsung for much of their hardware. However, when Samsung wanted to embark more aggressively on the market, Apples litigation team jumped to attention on the grounds of copyright infringement. This led to Samsung having to develop their devices to be as dissimilar from the Iphone as possible. Hence, many critics of dubbed products like the Galaxy S3 ” A device developed completely by lawyers”.

With minor enhancements from one iPhone series to the next, this had led me to the opinion that Apple is not as much as a smartphone manufacturer, as it is a law firm, specializing in copyright laws.

None-the-less, Apple will always have its place in the marketplace. iTunes is still wildly popular and as innovative today as it was when it launched and few have succeeded to even come close.

What are your thoughts on this battle of the telecom beasts & do you think it will ever end?

“The Uncomfortable Age of Transparency.”

With massive influx of social media outlets over the past decade, companies are finding it more difficult to sweep bad press, practices and procedures under the rug. As this new online flow of information continues to grow, many companies have chosen to embrace it and embark into new territory of enhanced transparency.

“Businesses now really need to understand something that governments, dictators didn’t understand. Someday you’ll be busted. Anything you do will be known. Social media’s gonna get you, and if you’re lying we’re gonna know,” Egyptian filmmaker Amr Salama

When organizations take the initiative to use social media as a communications medium, it allows them to take more control of what is being communicated.  This control can be beneficial in several ways:

  • twitter-libel-slander-defamationCan diffuse any false information from other sources.
  • The organization can state the information first.
  • Any concerns the public has may be answered straight from the source.
  • You offer the public more value.

From a public relations, and sometimes even from a crisis communications standpoint, social media is a valuable tool for disseminating crucial information and diffusing damaging clutter.

A blog post featured on Forbes.com speaks of social media and transparency. The blog post references the authors of Tactical Transparency and the measurement criteria they have come up with, that I would like to state and discuss:


Bill Gates, CEO & Founder of Microsoft.

“—Leadership: The leaders of transparent companies are accessible and are straightforward when talking with members of key audiences.”

When navigating through twitter, for example, you will find many CEOs, Editors in Chief and organization presidents have a Twitter handle that directly links them to their organization. Stakeholders and the general public are far more likely to find information credible when it comes from a source that has a higher authority within a company.

“—Values: Ethical behavior, fair treatment, and other values are on full display in transparent companies.”

Many companies take pride in having highly ethical behavior. By conveying the message of ethics and values through their communications mediums, give added value to customers. Starbucks, for example, is always putting on display to the public, new initiatives regarding environmental and social responsibility. If your organization is engaging in obvious unethical behavior, think twice before opening the flood gates of social media.

“—Culture: How a company does things is more important today than what it does. The way things are done is not a secret in transparent companies.”

Customer Q&A from McDonalds "Our Food, Your Questions" Campaign

Customer Q&A from McDonalds “Our Food, Your Questions” Campaign


As our culture begins to evolve, so have peoples value and awareness in social responsibility. For example, McDonald’s has produced an interesting campaign on their website, giving people an interactive and bare-all look into how their food is produced from start to finish. Visitors on the McDonalds website have the opportunity to post inquiries on the practices and procedures about anything from ingredients to horrible urban legend we’ve heard about the company and its food.

“—Business strategy: Of particular importance to the investment community but also of interest to other audiences, a company’s strategy is a key basis for investment decisions relating to increasing transparency.”

Potential shareholders and stakeholder no longer have to just rely on financial statements, the morning paper or TV to influence their business decisions. Today, people can receive new information in an instant via social media and the net. Organizations must be aware of what is being said about their day-to-day business on all the different mediums, including social networking.

“—Employees: Employees of transparent companies are accessible, can reinforce the public view of the company, and are always able to help people where appropriate.”

I believe this measurement is valuable. However, posts to any sort of social media outlet or communication of any type should be done so carefully. Employee need to be highly aware of what they may divulge about the company, what is proprietary information and what is simply not their place to comment about.

“—Results: Transparent companies are clear about the results of all business practices, both good and bad. Successes, failures, problems, and victories all are communicated to all stakeholders.”

As I stated above, organizations that engage in social media must be prepared to speak about their company, the good, the bad and the ugly. If a company is able to strategically and quickly tend to any crisis or negative communication, then they are able to limit the damage.